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DR AHMED - Dentist

Dr Ahmed


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Dr.Bedeir graduated with bachelor degree in dentistry in 2003.
He began his career in a private practice, alongside a role in the Oral Surgery Department of Alexandria University, where he held the position for 2 years.

Dr Bedeir joined the “ICOI” (International Congress of Oral Implantology) and participates in extensive training, guided by the ICOI.At this stage of his career he had extensive training in oral dental implants and oral surgery.

In 2004, he became the primary dentist in the Alexandria , German hospital, where he acquired massive clinical experience with particular focus on Endodontic treatment.

He has been living and practicing in the Illawara since 2011.
Dr Bedeir has Masters degree in Oral Implants in Frankfurt, Germany (Geothe university). He has special knowledge and experience in complex dental treatments and designing new smiles for his patients. His unique approach and excellent communication are examples of the attributes that make him such a successful clinician.

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TEGAN BLADY - Practice manager

Tegan Blady

Practice manager

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Dr Layth Al-Shaer


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Layth is a highly skilled dental professional, who is dual qualified and registered as both a dentist and a dental hygienist. After obtaining a Bachelors of Dental Surgery and an Advanced Diploma in Oral Health, he has been committed to continued development in Dentistry with primary focus on gum health.

Do you know about 50% of adults have some form of Gum Disease?
Do you know about 30% of Australian adults have Modrate to Severe Gum Disease(periodontitis)?

Do you know gum disease is the most common cause of adult tooth loss?

Layth has dedicated the last 10 years of his dental practice mostly towards the prevention and management of gum disease(periodontitis). Using the latest technologies in gum treatment including AirFlow and Dental lasers, he is able to help his patients understand their gum health and achieve their treatment and maintenance goals.

Since 2014, he has been serving our community on the South Coast. He runs his practice in 3 locations on the South Coast and he’s available in Wollongong once a week.

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Dr Shakti Gounden


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Dr. Gounden graduated with a bachelor’s degree from the University of Sydney in 2012. He started his professional career in Shellharbour and has served the areas of north and southwest of Sydney.

Dr. Gounden’s special interests include the technical aspect of dentistry such as aesthetics and surgery, but he finds the most satisfaction in being able to provide accessible dental treatment and education to those that are from underdeveloped communities. Therefore, he has been part of a comprehensive Pacific Medical Unit for the past 7 years.
Away from dentistry, Dr. Gounden loves to spend time with his children, play golf and practice meditation.


the reception dental corner

Dental corner is an ultra modern practice with the highest quality treatments achieved in an appealing and comfortable environment.

After 20 years of experience, dr. Ahmed Bedeir has proudly brought his skills to his own practice.

Our philosophy and approach are evident in HOW WE WORK providing our patients with the best suitable outcome for them.

Dr. Bedeir excels in understanding his patients’ needs and using his knowledge and skills in patient education and performing their treatments and goals.

Our passion and knowledge in creating smiles is the drive behind our outstanding results.

Ready to transform your smile?

The highly skilled and compassionate dentists at Dental Corner can offer routine checkups and ongoing dental treatment that works with your schedule and budget.