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At dental corner we are committed to putting all our patients at ease which is why we offer multiple types of anaesthesia. If you suffer from dental fear or anxiety we offer IV sedation, General anaesthetic and Nitrous oxide (Happy gas) to help alleviate the stress and anxiety you may have while visiting the dentist.

IV sedation also known as sleep dentistry’ puts you in a twlight state for the course of your treatment. You are still conscious but you will have little or no recollection of your dental procedure. IV sedation is available in our practice, in an environment that you know rather than having to go to the hospital which makes it a stress-free process. We have a specialist anaesthetist who is present throughout the entirety of the treatment to ensure that your safety and comfort is a top priority.

General anaesthetic allows you to be completely sedated while you undergo your dental treatment. We are able to perform this type of treatment at the Wollongong Day Surgery.

Nitrous Oxide also known as happy gas is used to make you feel relaxed and calm during your dental treatment. Our team at dental corner are more than qualified to administer ‘happy gas’ during your dental procedure. This can be effective and helpful if you suffer from dental phobias or anxiety.

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