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Crowns are usually made for physical support for a compromised tooth .

The tooth is usually prepared to receive a crown that almost fully covers the tooth . The ensures support and strength to the affected tooth.

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why you need dental crowns

Reasons you may require a crown :

  • Tooth Is fractured
  • Has had root canal therapy
  • Has had a substantial portion of the tooth structure lost
  • Is weak and needs protection from breaking
  • Is heavily filled and needs support
  • Is discoloured or badly shaped


The bridge is an appliance that substitutes for missing teeth. It uses the remaining natural tooth or teeth to support new artificial ones, making it easier and more comfortable than ever before!

The dental bridge is an option for those who have suffered tooth loss, as it provides a stable replacement that looks and feels just like your own. It’s supported by two crowns on either side which act as substitutes to replace all of the missing teeth.