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Check-up and Clean in Wollongong

Your dental health is important to us. At Dental Corner, we will assess the
condition of your teeth and gums during every visit so that you can maintain
optimal oral hygiene at home or in clinic as needed by providing advice on
how best handle each issue based upon individual needs.

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oral exam procedures

Our approach is preventing breakdown and maintaining is always better
than treating

To achieve that regular checkups and cleans are crucial. Our team of dentists and oral health therapists are right fit clinicians to accomplish every patients well being.

Your dental health is just as important to your overall well-being, and seeing the dentist regularly can prevent many problems. If you have great oral hygiene then we may not need frequent visits, however if there are issues with other aspects like pain or infection, timing could be more helpful for preventing longer term consequences. The importance of regular checkups cannot be stressed enough!

At Dental Corner, we understand the importance of establishing an environment that will create positive experiences for all our patients. That’s why you’ll find us equipped with some ultra-modern dental technology and innovative methods when it comes to treating your teeth! With top quality care as one goal among many others at this clinic (including excellent customer service), there are no limits on what can be accomplished.