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Root canal therapy can save a tooth that has become severely infected or decayed. It is designed to remove the dead nerve and eliminate bacteria from inside the infected tooth, preventing reinfection and saving the natural tooth rather than extracting it.

Dr. Bedeir has had the privilege of performing hundreds of root canal therapies through the years. Assessing and predicting the complexity of the treatment is just as important as performing it.

Root canal therapy may be necessary if the pulp of your tooth has become
infected or inflamed. You may notice an ache, pain around this area or sometimes swelling.

If it is confirmed by the dentist that it needs root canal treatment a detailed discussion about the options, chances of success, alternatives, costs and the steps of treatment happen before any treatment is done.

During the root canal treatment process, our dentists will remove your affected dental pulp. The procedure involves cleaning and medicating the affected nerve to save and restore your tooth healthy functionality. We have a number of highly effective options for providing patients with pain relief during their treatment.

Our team works to provide you with a positive experience. That’s why we have
established an ultra-modern clinic, boasting advanced technologies and innovative treatment methods.

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